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Atey Ghailan: An Creative Journey

Atey Ghailan: An Creative Journey

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Senior illustrator Atey Ghailan is teaming up with 3dtotal Publishing to launching his first official artwork ebook on Kickstarter, Atey Ghailan: An Artistic Journey.

“I will likely be sharing my very own inventive journey, together with the ups and downs I skilled as an artist, and the guidelines and methods I’ve realized alongside the best way. I share a few of my greatest art work and discover my inspiration, workflow, and methods of defeating artwork block. The ebook will even embrace a primary look into a private venture very pricey to my coronary heart, and the journey to convey it to life.”

Remember to go to the Kickstarter hyperlink beneath to assist this venture and to get some bonus objects!

Hyperlink: Kickstarter | YouTube | Instagram

atey ghailan mock up 1 atey ghailan mock up 2 atey ghailan mock up 7 atey ghailan mock up 8 atey ghailan mock up 9 atey ghailan mini art book 3 atey ghailan atey sketchbook 4 atey ghailan Catwalk atey ghailan Celebration atey ghailan Tokyo rain atey ghailan Stubborn atey ghailan Night elf hunter in Ashenvale 4 atey ghailan Holiday atey ghailan Free cheese atey ghailan Curious Mermaid atey ghailan Koi fishes

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